About Future Safe Vaults

Future Safe Vaults was created by Peter Camrass who runs Camrass Wills

As a will writing professional, Peter realised that the digital world, with all its advantages, was causing huge problems when someone died.

The will writing side of the problem is easily solved by drawing up a codicil appointing executors for the digital assets. In some cases this coincides with reviewing the will and drawing up a new one. However, identifying all the online accounts and dealing with them was not so easy. A chance meeting with Ben Martin, one of the directors of Safe4, gave me the idea that a digital vault was not only the best solution, but also that it didn’t have to be expensive.
Peter Camrass
Futuresafe Vaults

About Safe4

Safe4 was started in 2010. Initially it was designed to help businesses send and receive documents in a completely secure environment without using email. Once they had the framework in place, it became clear that it could be used for so much more. In 2015, they made their vaults available to clients of specified will writing professionals. This is what Safe4 said at the launch of this new service.

The service will thus allow the preservation of the Digital Legacy as well as giving the executors of the estate access to all of the information they will need for probate. Using Safe4’s UK-based data centres accredited to the ISO 27001 security standard provides an ideal basis for handling such personal and sensitive information in a way that gives confidence to the will writer, the executor, and most importantly – the client.
Ben Martin
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